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July 17, 2007

Texting Drivers, Swimming with Suspects, and Jurors in Love

  • July 16 Crimeweek
  • Comic That Made Me Laugh Out Loud: July

    Seriously, if it happens once a month, that’s a lot. The last time was in May, a Beevnicks strip. I decided to e-mail Owen Dunne and mention it, and he responded by saying Well, that’s my ultimate goal in life, to make Bill Bickel laugh.

    He meant that in a nice way, I’m sure.

    So I’m wondering… How often do the comics make you audibly chuckle? And feel free to send me the comic in question.

    Google Follies

    Filed under: Bill Bickel, Google, internet searches — Cidu Bill @ 11:23 am

    The person who reached the CIDU page yesterday by way of a Google search for “exposed panty” was probably gravely disappointed.

    Of course, now I just made that sort of thing twice as likely to happen again…



    Kathey Saunders: I think it’s a joke about product placement and/or commercial interruptions. Like how we wouldn’t put up with it in other media, but we do in TV. That’s (more…)

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