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August 10, 2007

What Part Of Cancel Don’t They Understand?

Filed under: AOL, Bill Bickel, scams, telephones, VOIP, Vonage — Cidu Bill @ 5:17 pm

Just wondering… Has anybody else had a problem canceling a Vonage phone account? I’ve called them three times already, but somehow the cancellation never managed to go through. Sounds a lot like the scam AOL used to pull, until they were prosecuted for it, in which they’d simply ignore cancellations and continue to bill (former) customers’ credit cards.

I’m one of the lucky ones: My credit card was compromised last month (usually not a lucky break), and Vonage keeps trying to bill my now-closed credit card number without success. Several times a week they e-mail me asking me to call them to give them a new credit card number to bill.

Probably not gonna happen.


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  1. My experience with Vonage was a nightmare. Terrible customer service..very condescending and obviously avoiding contact with them at all. False charges and basically a big fat scam out to get whom ever they deem stupid enough to bite. DOThey don’t have the decency to admit what they are doing or have done in my case. I also cancelled my bank account or at least tried..when I did that, I got results but had already filed with the BBB. Coincidental or not..within 2 days I got my money back but the letter from them to the BBB stated that the termination charges tataling $126.00 was pre-credited and is such a F”ing joke. They apologize for any inconvenience…ha!

    Comment by J. Zeller — December 8, 2007 @ 1:21 pm

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