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September 4, 2007

Credit Card Scam

“This is the Security Office at **** Visa. We’ve discovered a possible fraudulent charge to your account. Please call us back immediately at 1-800-***-****, and have your credit card number ready.”

Not a bad scam as scams go. I’m sure they caught some fish.

As obvious as this should be, you should never call any number other than the one on the back of your card.

As it happens, I called the number on the back of my card, asked to be connected to Security, confirmed that they hadn’t called me, and tried to explain to a brick wall that I was calling to let them know somebody was making these calls in their name. The brick wall didn’t quite understand how this scam worked, and advised me not to give out my credit card number to anybody. “Yes, thank you, I got that,” I said. “That’s why I’m talking to you instead of to the criminals who called me.”

Then the brick wall asked me for my mother’s maiden name again.

ChadWatch Meets the Arlo Page

Unknown Numbers

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It so happens that my own son, like Arlo and Janis’s, just went off to college. Unlike Arlo and Janis, however, I know my son’s telephone number. 

Or am I missing another joke here?

A couple of weeks ago, by the way, Gene’s departure was the subject of a clever “breaking the fourth wall” strip:


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