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September 7, 2007


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Arlo Page or Ewww Files?

It was sent to me by three people: one with one label, one with the other, and one with both.


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  • I have a feeling today’s PvP Online strip belongs on the Arlo Page (which requires a password: the first name of Bill Clinton’s most well-known girlfriend, and don’t forget to capitalize the M).

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Since this site changed formats on June 1, I’ve begun updating a minimum of five times a week instead of two or three times a month. One thing that makes this possible is the comments box, eliminating the need for me to sift through and copy all the responses.

But when people use the comment box to call other visitors idiots for not undersanding a comic, the system breaks down — because that sort of comment is not acceptable here.

I say “people,” but this has only happened once. That’s one time more than is acceptable, though. If it happens again, I have a “ban” option and I’m not afraid to use it.

Well, isn’t THAT interesting…

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The phone call I got yesterday from somebody claiming to represent Visa was actually from Vonage, an attempt to get my new credit card number so they can continue billing me after they refused to put through my repeated requests for cancellation (see previous update).

Wow. At least I was right about this being a scam to make fraudulent use of my credit card.

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