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September 25, 2007

The Other Jena 6 (OT)

The Other Jena 6: In Jena, Louisiana, a town divided by bitter racial tension, six white students brutally attack a black teenager.

The beating was prosecuted as a racially-motivated crime, and black leaders including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton quickly arrived on the scene to make sure the attackers were appropriately dealt with, denouncing the racial attack. In their speeches they evoked Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham, calling justice for the beaten teenager part of the same civil rights struggle that began with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King…


  1. This whole situation is disturbing just about any way you look at it.

    First, why did the black kids have to go ask the principal for permission to sit in the shade of the only tree around? There’s no reason on earth they should have ever thought they needed to ask that question and the fact that they did should have told him right then and there that trouble was on its way. I can’t believe that nobody in authority hadn’t noticed this bizarre circumstance before.

    Second, when the nooses were hung, that was handled badly. Surely someone had to intuit that bigger trouble was right around the corner, but there isn’t any mention of any measures taken to diffuse the situation except the suspensions.

    Third, it was outrageous that they were charged with attempted murder when the victim walked out of the hospital less than 2 hours later. (side note – WOW, he got seen, treated and released in 2 hours! Can we move that hospital to my town?) If that’s all the damage six people beating one person inflicted, well, all I can say is that if they were trying to kill him, then they are incredibly incompetent. They absolutely should have been charged with assault, but not attempted murder. AND if the victim was racially taunting them (as was reported in some places), he bears some responsibility and maybe he should have been charged with inciting a riot.

    Fourth. And this really blows my mind. The school’s solution to all this? Punish the only entity in the whole fiasco that is completely blameless. They cut down the tree! Did they ever think maybe they could make an effort to learn to share it? Could they have used the situation to try to teach everyone that it is better to be thoughtful, gracious and respectful of others? Nope. Cut the tree down. End of story. Yes? Now that NOBODY can sit in the shade, that’s fair and I’m sure not one of those kids is going to be upset about that. Yeah, right.

    This tragedy is far from over.

    Comment by Lola — September 26, 2007 @ 2:24 pm

  2. I echo Lola.

    Also, I have to add that the outcry is so much for the boys being arrested, but what they were charged with. This is yet another case of blacks being treated much more harshly by the “justice system”. Battery…yes, but attempted murder?? Out of the question. Our point is, had it been the other way around, the white Jena 6 would never have been charged with attempted murder and probably all would be walking the streets. Just like the the ones who hung the noose got to stay in school.

    The last time I checked, one of the boys was STILL in jail and one STILL hadn’t had his charge reduced to battery.

    Comment by Cedric — September 26, 2007 @ 2:37 pm

  3. But Cedric, now they’re no longer being charged with attempted murder, but they’re still being portrayed as victims of racial injustice. These are still the “bad guys” in this story, even if there are many other bad guys as well.

    Comment by S.P. Charles — September 26, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

  4. You all need to catch up on this story. The facts are far different than the stereotypes in the papers. The tree was never “white only.” Both races used the tree; this has been stated by the principal, teachers and black and white students. Contrary to news reports, the noose makers were harshly punished. They spent a month in an alternative school and later had in school suspension. They lost all school privileges.
    Attempted murder? You don’t have to have a near death experience for it to be attempted murder. If someone shoots at you, do you feel it has to hit you to qualify for attempted murder? Six gangsters kicking a kid senseless is attempted murder; their incompetence at killing does not reduce the seriousness of the crime. The much whined about beater, Mycha Bell, has 4 previous convictions including 2 for assault and battery. Do we have to wait for the rabid to actually kill someone before the courts take action?
    There is much more that the media has lied about just do a little investigating.

    Comment by sg — September 28, 2007 @ 11:00 am

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