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October 4, 2007

The Last Laugh


by syndicated cartoonist Jeff Stahler

So the Slow, Lingering Death Baton Has Been Passed On to Grandpa Jim…

Poop of the Day


Nicole: And the poops go on …. the poops go on (rejected Sonny and Cher lyrics)
So now I am really convinced that anytime Scott Hillburn can’t think of a joke he does one using dung beetles. Do you think there will be enough for a collection — it could be called “Dung in Cheek”


She also sent along this Argyle Sweater comic which doesn’t quite fall into either the Arlo or Ewww categories, but is quite unsettling (in case you can’t make it out from the drawing, the squirrels aren’t showing skin but rather removing skin).

Days of Heaven Part 2

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Jim Moore: Well, I get the joke that Heaven has an immigration policy, let alone a strict one, but how is that borne out in the line of folk waiting to see St. Peter? Or is it supposed to be?

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