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October 10, 2007

Comics That Made Morris Keesan Laugh Out Loud in October


When Morris sent this to me as his LOL nominee, I was personally underwhelmed by it — and isn’t the line supposed to be that a broken clock is right twice a day?

That’s the joke, he explained to me: This clock is so broken, it’s only right once a day.

Okay, that actually is pretty funny. I’m wondering, though… Is this what Carrillo intended (because if it was, I think it would have worked a lot better if he’d emphasized the “once”), or did Morris come up with a much better punchline?


  1. Based on the humor in the other F-Minus strips, I’d say that Morris’ interpretation is right on. That was my interpretation as well. I do agree it would work better and be a little clearer if he had bolded or italicized “once”, though.

    Comment by Count Shrimpula — October 10, 2007 @ 11:49 pm

  2. I think the guy’s deadpan delivery (not emphasizing anything) makes it funnier.

    Comment by brien — October 11, 2007 @ 1:58 am

  3. It may be one of those 24-hour clocks used by ham radio operators and shortwave listeners in which the 12-hour marking is where the “6” would be on a normal 12-hour clock!

    Comment by dwc — October 11, 2007 @ 6:34 am

  4. I agree with brien. Part of the reason this one made me laugh was that I had to think about it for a couple of seconds. As I said in email to bill, I think one of the things that makes F Minus work so well is the relative sublety of the humor. I think emphasizing the “once” would have made it less funny.

    Comment by Morris Keesan — October 11, 2007 @ 8:45 am

  5. That’s definitely what he meant. See his blog entry, at .

    Comment by Terry — October 11, 2007 @ 9:08 am

  6. Not very funny, in my opinion. The problem is that the face is blank, so we can’t tell whether it’s a 24-hour clock or a 12-hour that somehow manages to have the correct time once daily (the latter being the artist’s intention, according to his blog). But it did make me wonder how a clock could manage to be right exactly once a day. You’ve probably heard the old chestnut that a clock that loses a minute a day is less accurate than a clock that doesn’t run at all (true, if the clock that loses time is never reset). I take it that a clock that runs at half speed will be right once daily.

    Comment by John — October 11, 2007 @ 9:50 am

  7. I also think this is better without the emphasis. As it is, it made me LOL—like Morris, with a pause.

    Actually, this is possible even on a 12-hour clock. If the clock runs at exactly half the correct speed, it will be correct once a day.

    Comment by Autumn Harvest — October 11, 2007 @ 9:51 am

  8. Oops, I see that John posted the “puzzle” solution just seconds before I did. So I’ll throw out the other solution, which is that the clock can also run 50% too fast. Though I don’t think the author intended us to puzzle this all out before laughing.

    Comment by Autumn Harvest — October 11, 2007 @ 9:56 am

  9. Of course some stopped analog clocks are so broken that they NEVER show the correct time. Just imagine a stopped clock with the small hand on the 3 and the big hand on the 6. This clock will NEVER show the correct time (because a working clock would never have its hands in those positions).

    Comment by Pinny — October 11, 2007 @ 5:29 pm

  10. What I find interesting is that all of the other clocks on the wall seem to have different times.

    Comment by Bill — October 11, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

  11. I was looking at the blog that Terry linked to, and here’s what the author of F-minus wrote on September 5th:

    I found a great website recently, Comics I Don’t Understand. . .I love that F Minus is a frequent visitor. If it gets to the point that my comic is easily understood by all, it’s time to quit.

    Comment by Autumn Harvest — October 11, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

  12. My first reaction was that if Morris Keesan likes it, it’s *got* to be good.

    Seriously, though, I thought the fact all the clocks on the wall at the repair shop was a great part of the gag.

    Comment by Mike Blake — October 13, 2007 @ 12:00 am

  13. Are those the “Pearls…” characters on that one clock?

    Comment by Todd — October 13, 2007 @ 3:33 pm

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