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November 18, 2007

The Disappearance of Stacy Peterson: Some Semi-Rhetorical Questions

Stacy PetersonOctober 29, Drew Peterson reported his wife Stacy missing. She is his fourth wife. His third wife died under suspicious circumstances; and Stacy’s disappearance led authorities to exhume the ex-wife’s body, and Friday’s autopsy revealed that her “accidental” drowning was, indeed, murder.

Now, let’s assume for a moment that Peterson killed both women: What is the thought process by which, having gotten away with one murder, you would risk a second one when even the mere suspicion of the second murder would probably lead to the exhumation of the first body (right now, it might be easier to prosecute him for killing his ex-wife than for killing Stacy, because there’s physical evidence)? Stupidity? Peterson’s a police sergeant: He knows how investigations work. Arrogance and a sense of invincibility? Even O.J. Simpson waited until after he was acquitted and immune from further criminal prosecution before breaking the law (again) in any major way. (more…)


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Added a few tweaks to the sidebar and got rid of the “Snap” preview feature that seemed to annoy people. Also, I think this new template has a slightly more narrow sidebar, so the sidebar will be less likely to cut off the end of the comic. Comments are welcome.

Sunday update: Okay, back to the old template, since so many of you were reporting issues with the new one. 

”Identify the Reference” Contest

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Nicole’s Pick of the Day


The Complete Ewww Files


There Are None So Blind…


Just a random thought here… Ever notice how cartoonists use eyeglasses as a shorthand for “not being able to see well” — when in fact eyeglasses, you know, tend to correct that problem? You never saw Mister Magoo wearing eyeglasses, after all.

Which brings to mind, especially since the season approaches… Has there ever been a better version of A Christmas Carol than Mister Magoo’s? I mean seriously. Okay, sure, Alastair Sim… but consider the achievement of remaining true to Dickens’ book, being entertaining, scary and family-friendly all at once, and doing it all in low-budget cartoon.

This movie was, of course, the peak of Magoo’s career. I don’t think either of my kids know who he is, though they did both see this movie many years ago.



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Heh. I’ve said the same thing, word for word. I suspect there’s a list of “father phrases” imprinted into our brains and as much as we don’t think so when we’re kids, we will say every one one of them eventually.

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