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December 24, 2007

Christmas Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud


Honestly there’s a bit of CIDU here because I’m not sure whether Dan Piraro intended this as a “There’s a War on Christmas!” whine. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say no, though, because it made me laugh.




Well, at least he’s not wearing a cheerleader skirt…


I really do believe that Tom Batiuk is leading up to Les being not just embarrassingly eccentric, but mentally ill — ever since, in fact, that bizarre adventure in Manhattan “ten years ago.”

Which of course will make these strips a lot less amusing in hindsight, the same way all those jokes about Ronald Reagan’s memory and attention span lapses were funny until it turned out he had Alzheimer’s.


A Comic Re-examined

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and no, there was nothing in previous strips to explain this…

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Bad Dog

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Snow (I fixed the weirdness that resulted in different people seeing different comics)

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Not a CIDU, of course. I’m just saying I found today’s Cleats
a lot funnier because of this recent one:


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