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December 7, 2007

Spider Claus

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November 30, 2007

Holiday Card Observation (OT)

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  • If you feel the need to include your family’s last name when you sign the card, these people probably shouldn’t be on your list at all.


November 26, 2007

Good Deed or Scam? (OT)

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Maybe somebody who works at Barnes & Noble can clear something up for me:

Barnes & Noble stores has special displays of children’s Christmas books by the registers, and they’re asking customers to buy one or more and leave them in a special box to be distributed to needy kids (because in our county there are no needy kids living in Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist families; but that’s another matter).

I bought and donated a couple of books, and then I started to wonder: Customers are buying these books at full retail price which means needy kids do get free books, but Barnes & Noble gets their normal profit, which is give-or-take half the retail price of the book — and I wonder whether this special display also makes a good dumping ground for Christmas books that aren’t selling (because how many people are going to be very selective about books they’re giving away to strangers?)

If I’m missing a fact or two that might put Barnes & Noble in a slightly better light here, I hope somebody will tell me.

November 18, 2007

There Are None So Blind…


Just a random thought here… Ever notice how cartoonists use eyeglasses as a shorthand for “not being able to see well” — when in fact eyeglasses, you know, tend to correct that problem? You never saw Mister Magoo wearing eyeglasses, after all.

Which brings to mind, especially since the season approaches… Has there ever been a better version of A Christmas Carol than Mister Magoo’s? I mean seriously. Okay, sure, Alastair Sim… but consider the achievement of remaining true to Dickens’ book, being entertaining, scary and family-friendly all at once, and doing it all in low-budget cartoon.

This movie was, of course, the peak of Magoo’s career. I don’t think either of my kids know who he is, though they did both see this movie many years ago.


November 14, 2007

The Coin Toss

In Virginia, Judge James Michael Shull was faced with of two divorced parents, each wanting custody of their child for Christmas. Since there was no compelling reason to choose one parent over the other, Judge Shull tossed a coin. The Virginia Supreme Court ruled last week that Judge Shull “failed to uphold the dignity of the judiciary,” and removed him from the bench: a rather draconian punishment, given the behavior of some judges who are allowed to keep their gavels and robes (such as Philadelphia judge Teresa Carr Deni, appointed to another 6-year term earlier this month, despite her decision last month to downgrade the alleged at-gunpoint rape of a prostitute to a “theft of services” charge).

And exactly how should Judge Shull have resolved this issue? This was the proverbial coin-toss decision, which made tossing a coin rather appropriate. Would the Virginia Supreme Court have preferred he ask for a sword and suggest a more Solomonic solution?

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