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December 27, 2007

Post-Christmas Comics I Didn’t Understand


Yes I know what schadenfreude means. I just don’t understand how it relates to Santa and The Donald.


If Grandma had gotten run over by a reindeer, at least I’d have known what the joke was supposed to be; but…

December 4, 2007



September 26, 2007


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August 4, 2007

Just sayin’…


Where the hell do the Gilchrists buy their gardening supplies???


With a track record like that, would you brag?

Okay, at least we’re not talking about a strip that should have run 47 years ago; but seriously, either two weeks ago or not at all, you know?


Heck of a thing to mention to the kid who just learned he is your “mistake.”

I’m just sayin’…

July 9, 2007

I Don’t Follow…

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And yes, I know Jeff Gordon’s a race car driver; but what’s Joe’s mom getting at (or, as she’d prefer, at what is Joe’s Mom getting)?

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