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January 6, 2008

Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse

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November 19, 2007

Weird World of Crime

October 8, 2007

Weird World of Crime (October Edition)

September 18, 2007

Why Fred Goldman Must Be Smiling Now

All that sports memorabilia O.J. Simpson allegedly tried to steal at gunpoint last week, claiming it was legally his… whether or not Simpson is found guilty, any of the memorabilia that turns out to have been legally owned by Simpson… will get handed over to the Goldmans.

And the publicity generated by the robbery couldn’t not have increased sales of the book (as of Tuesday morning, it’s the #2 best seller at

  • If Who Did It (September 17): Okay, what’s the weirdest thing about last week’s release of O.J. Simpson’s hypothetical double-murder confession (as if this whole affair needed any more weirdness)? No mention of Simpson’s name on the cover. It’s a confession without a confessor.Or even worse than no confessor: is marketing the book as “If I Did It by the Goldman Family”.
  • September 6
    Barnes and Noble decides to carry O.J.’s book after all, and Lisa Nowak will try an insanity defense (article)
  • August 14
    O.J. Simpson’s hypothetical double murder confession, the rights to which are now owned by the family of murder victim Ron Goldman, has been contracted to a publisher [updated article].
  • July 30
    So… Now that the rights are owned by Ron Goldman’s father, who plans to rename it Confessions of a Double Murderer, is anybody more inclined to read the thing? And will it become the best-seller HarperCollins originally expected it to be? [article]

September 11, 2007

McDemeanor Reckless Conduct

This is sort of a follow-up to the Nifong story, below:

Also on Friday, in Georgia, a 20-year-old McDonald’s employee was arrested and charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct after serving a police officer an overly-salted hamburger which he said made him ill.

Like Mr. Nifong, she spent Friday night in jail; though unlike Mr. Nifong, Kendra Bull isn’t off the hook with the criminal justice system.

Ms. Bull admits that she accidentally spilled salt on the batch of chopped meat that was used to make the hamburger (Bull ate a hamburger from that same batch without consequence), and that she told her supervisor about the spill right after it happened. A co-worker then tried to remove the excess salt from the meat.

What puzzles me about all this is… Why is Ms. Bull being held responsible for this at all? McDonalds staff are, for the most part, either students or fairly unskilled workers, earning minimum wage. They’re neither trained or paid enough to make judgment calls. Once she told her supervisor about the over-salted meat, and presumably her supervisor told her to use it, it was no longer her responsibility.

August 23, 2007

Droopy Drawers

Atlanta is the latest community to consider a law anybody walking around with their underwear showing: This includes a male allowing his boxers to be visible over his droopy pants, or for a female to have part of her thong or even a bra strap showing.

Delcambre, Louisiana is the only place such a law has ever gone in effect, by the way, calling for a fine of up to $500 and a possible 6-month jail sentence.

Of course this sort of law is pretty much unenforceable, and have its proponents really thought it out? Because there’s nothing in the law that says girls can’t get around it by dressing like Paris Hilton and boys looking like plumbers.

July 25, 2007

Good Luck, Bad Luck, and Just Plain Stupid (OT)

July 18, 2007

Bizarre Headline of the Day (OT)

July 17, 2007

Texting Drivers, Swimming with Suspects, and Jurors in Love

  • July 16 Crimeweek
  • July 12, 2007

    I Could Understand If She Were Miss Amish…



    Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey, was reportedly being blackmailed over these photos, but decided instead to release them herself — partly because people were circulating far more explicit doctored photos purporting to be the blackmail shots. The directors of the Miss America Pageant are expected to decide today whether these photos violate the pageant’s morals clause.

    The fact that this is even an issue either says a lot about how puritanical the United States still is, or how out of touch with reality the Miss America Pageant is.

    Those Vanessa Williams photos that turned up some years back… okay, I can see how the Pageant had a case there. But these??

    This one (click the thumbnail for a larger version)


    is the only one of the lot that might legitimately bother her parents (though remember, she is 22 years old). You have to wonder whether the pageant would have even considered the matter if not for the publicity generated by the blackmail attempt.

    These photos had originally been, by the way, posted on a web site that was supposed to be accessible to friends only. Just one more lesson that nothing online is private.

    Update: Polumbo will remain Miss New Jersey after all.

    Probably the days’s best headline comes from the Philadelphia Weekly: “Miss NJ Releases Photos; World Bored”

    July 3, 2007



    I’m probably way too old to even try to use the ersatz word correctly. In a literal sense, it does apply to O.J. Simpson, who just lost the rights to his life story and likeness. In a more colloquial sense, though (and I’m not sure “pwned” can legitimately used in any other way), I believe it better applies to The World’s Stupidest Pedophile:

    July 1, 2007

    The Diaper Story Gets Changed (OT)

    Of course you remember Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who drove 950 miles from Houston to Orlando earlier this year, wearing a NASA-issued adult diaper to eliminate the need for rest stops, in order to confront a woman she believed was her rival for the affections of a fellow astronaut.

    Well, according to her attorney, Donald Lykkebak, Nowak was wearing her normal undergarments: The media had gotten the story wrong because there were diapers in the trunk of her car – toddler-sized diapers that had been there since 2005.

    Lykkebak explained that the whole family, adults and children alike, had used the diapers when they were forced to evacuate their Houston home in the wake of Hurricane Rita – diapers that were designed to fit a waist between 15 and 19 inches.

    None of which explains why Nowak told an Orlando police detective that she’d used them during her February 5 drive so she wouldn’t have to stop at restrooms (though presumably she did have to stop for gas) – or why, if the diaper detail is a “preposterous tale,” as Lykkebak calls it, he waited almost five months to refute it. He refers to this as “the biggest lie” about the case, which doesn’t bode well for the now-former astronaut who faces attempted kidnapping, battery, and attempted vehicle burglary with battery charges.

    The truth might never be known, since the diapers were never taken into evidence.

    Doesn’t matter. Facts notwithstanding, Nowak will always be The Astronaut Who Drove From Texas to Florida Wearing a Diaper, because that’s how we’ll choose to remember the story.

    June 12, 2007

    Crimeweek, 6/12/07

  • Now It’s Mike Nifong On Trial / Young Enough Cute Enough White Enough / Lisa Stebic, Tara Grant, Shawn Hornbeck and the Death Penalty for Child Molesters
  • June 11, 2007

    When Truth is Stranger Than Comic Strips

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    June, 2007:

    November, 2006:

    “Last week in the French village of Mussidan, a thief broke into a home and got away with a number of items, including a television set. He was caught when neighbors spotted him breaking into the home a second time, while the homeowner was at the police station reporting the first break-in, because he’d forgotten to steal the television’s remote control.”

    June 3, 2007

    What’s a Judge To Do?

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    Your thoughts? (please use this link for comments on the article)

    May 31, 2007

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