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September 29, 2007

Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud: September




Peter Byrnes and I shared this selection:


Consider this a runner-up: didn’t make me LOL, but a definite 🙂thatslife-moms.jpg

Autumn Harvest sent this one:


Nicole: As someone who who works in a cubicle and somewhat into animal rights this TOTALLY made me laugh out loud:

Also from Nicole:

And finally… this isn’t a CIDU or a Comic That Made Me Laugh, but I wanted to give special mention to a clever political cartoon:horsey.gif

September 17, 2007


B.C. joins the Arlo Page. Johnny Hart must be turning over in his grave. As always, the password is the first name of Bill Clinton’s most well-known little bit on the side (don’t forget to capitalize the M).

September 15, 2007

Get Arlo

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By popular acclaim, Friday’s Get Fuzzy strip wins a spot on the Arlo Page. As always the page is password-protected for the protection of the young and the sensitive, and the password is the first name of Bill Clinton’s cigar-wielding girlfriend (don’t forget to capitalize the M).

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