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December 6, 2007

Semi-Crass Commercialism

Just a reminder that instead taking up a lot of space with ads here, I’m trying something new: Since the old CIDU site ( is serving no purpose other than directing people here who still have the old bookmark, I’m moving the ads there. If you’re so inclined, drop by once in a while. Maybe you’ll find something you like. Or interesting stuff you’ll want to click. Or not.

November 30, 2007

Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud Late in November

uphill.gifrobe.gif (more…)

November 6, 2007


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Okay, I’d probably find this funnier if I didn’t do the same thing. I leave out the header of course — that’s just silly! — but punctuation, complete sentences, traditional spelling… just because I have the new technology doesn’t mean I’m not old.

November 1, 2007

Zippity Ewww

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Some Halloween Ewwwness, courtesy of Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, and Nicole:

October 15, 2007

Thirty Years

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“Jeremy, I’ve been driving for thirty years and I know it’s possible to have a discussion with somebody in the passenger seat without turning my head to look at him.”

Just saying…

September 15, 2007

You must remember this…

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Eight people sent this to me suggesting I add it to the Ewww Files.

At first I thought Amy looked a lot like Jeremy’s girlfriend Sara — then I realized we’d probably never seen Amy’s face before, unconnected from Rich’s.


August 28, 2007

Latest Comic Strip Collections

July 26, 2007

Back When We Were All Savants

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Quick show of hands here… Who’s old enough to remember when “in our head” was the only way to figure out change when we were working behind the register?

July 16, 2007

Donatello (not a CIDU)

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Arlo and Janis is consistently one of the best comic strips out there, but every once in a while Jimmy Johnson hits a home run the way nobody else does: Just as Zits nails the way parents and children act, Arlo and Janis nails the way they think.

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