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October 14, 2007

Speaking of ”You’d Think They’d Have Learned By Now”…

Filed under: paparazzi, Prince William, Princess Diana — Cidu Bill @ 10:53 pm

Last week, Prince William went racing around London to avoid motorcycle paparazzi who wanted to take photos of him and his new girlfriend. You would think that he of all people would just let them take their damn pictures.

August 4, 2007

Just sayin’…


Where the hell do the Gilchrists buy their gardening supplies???


With a track record like that, would you brag?

Okay, at least we’re not talking about a strip that should have run 47 years ago; but seriously, either two weeks ago or not at all, you know?


Heck of a thing to mention to the kid who just learned he is your “mistake.”

I’m just sayin’…

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