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January 7, 2008


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Anything going here other than the cat’s speech defect?

December 11, 2007

Half a Mouse???


November 30, 2007

Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud Late in November

uphill.gifrobe.gif (more…)

November 17, 2007

It’s a Cat’s Life

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And exactly how does this differ from Garfield’s life, other than the collar?

November 2, 2007


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Wendy: Did the well grant two separate wishes, one for the cat, one for the squirrel? Is there any connection between the two? What did they wish? Or is that irrelevant?

October 23, 2007

Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud: October


Borderline: Not quite LOLs, but a couple of definite grins:


For some reason, almost all the comics that made me laugh out loud this month were published on October 11.


Lola: Hey, and I was at work when it happened!





This was on Jim Moore‘s LOL list, while Nicole submitted the same comic as a groaner:


For previous LOL entries, please click here

More of your selections: (more…)

October 17, 2007

Cats. Why did it have to be cats?

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John Reiher wrote, “I don’t know if this is an Arlo Page entry or an Ewww! page entry.”

Of course to me it’s a CIDU because, you know, cats. I do have a feeling I’ll be suitably grossed out once all the cat people out there explain it to me.

The Arlo Page and Ewww Files archives. And what the heck, here’s the Cat Collection

September 29, 2007

Not Craw…

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Seven people sent me Friday’s Close to Home strip:



It’s a clawfoot bathtub


and therefore presumably acts like an animal with claws.

Of course, since this is a cat-like punchline, I recognize the possibility that I could be wrong.

August 8, 2007


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Janis stubbed her toe on the cat? The cat bit her?

Have I ever understood a cat comic?

July 27, 2007

Blow, Cat, Blow

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Jeff McAndrew: Is the joke supposed to be that the kid doesn’t know how to use the vacuum? Or are those feathers on the ground? Did he just run over a bird and the cat wants it? I really have no idea.

June 4, 2007

Have I EVER Understood a Cat Comic?

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