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July 14, 2007

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bastille Day

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Okay, it took some time, but I’m finally getting to all your explanations of CIDUs appearing on the old CIDU Page. The rest of the Comics I Didn’t Understand will be uploaded here on Tuesdays and Thursdays through August 2 (alternating with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule of new CIDUs)

My question here was: “Arlo is saying that ‘it’ was his idea the night Gene was conceived, but what’s JANIS getting at?”

Gary Ansok: I think it’s more that Arlo wants credit for doing Janis’s share of the parenting duties one night. Janis starts thinking of all the times she took over Arlo’s share of the parenting…

Robert Warden: I’m not sure what Janis is getting at either, but it’s a pretty good bet that nothing will get conceived on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year.

Charlene Vickers: He’s trying to steal her thunder and take Mother’s Day away from her
by taking full credit for the conception.

She might point out on Father’s Day that the kid was only born because she didn’t have an abortion.

Shari Jackson: If Janis is supposed to be grateful to Arlo on Mother’s Day for his part in making her a mother, just think how grateful Arlo better be to Janis on Father’s Day for her part in making him a father (including carrying the kid for 9 months and going through labor and childbirth).

Joe Blevins: Janis is going to have sex with Arlo and get pregnant purely out of spite. Then the next time Father’s Day rolls around, she’s going to point out that THIS baby was all HER idea. Meanwhile the kid winds up in therapy, I guess. This is a bad marriage. I never thought so until now but bringing a child into the world just to win an argument is extremely petty.

Or else Janis is going to castrate Arlo while he sleeps. Either way, a bad marriage.

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