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December 7, 2007

I Have Absolutely No Idea What This Means, But I Find It Very Funny Nonetheless


I guess this means some gags are just CIDU-proof.

November 5, 2007

It’s fun to stay at the…

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I have no idea where this is from, but for some reason it cracks me up.

August 30, 2007

Not Quite Arlo

Christian Schumann-Curtis: So does this mean that this one made it past the censors? Are the round things in the painting anatomically correct abstract boobs? Is there an abstract vagina in there somewhere? Or am I simply a pervert (though I suppose those questions aren’t mutually exclusive)?

July 28, 2007

Objects May Be Less Lost Than They Appear

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Dave Van Domelen: “Found objects” is a style of art that incorporates stuff the artist found lying around, to greatly simplify. The joke is that the old lady either:
a) is claiming her real umbrella, which the artist “found” somewhere and put in the art, or
b) thinks it’s the Lost & Found, rather than an exhibit.

Once everybody started explaining this to me, I remembered I did know what “found objects” art was: Some years back my sister-in-law, an artist, invited us to a found art show. She managed to briefly convince me that a janitor’s mop and pail lying on the floor was actually part of the exhibition. She took some pride in being able to fool me; but the way I see it, she just demonstrated how silly the whole concept is.

July 9, 2007


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Rick Detorie is clearly thinking ahead: Anticipating the probability that many people won’t get the joke and will end up sending it to me, he had Ruthie explain it to us. Sure glad I didn’t have to bother putting it on the page.

This one, on the other hand, I’m not entirely sure what he’s getting at:


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